NAME watchmen - watch daemons and restart SYNOPSIS [--configkey=configvalue] [-svcname__svckey=svcvalue] [command[=param]] ... where command: check[=svc] stop[=svc] restart[=svc] list avail help EXAMPLES # check and restart default services #list of enabled services list #list of available services avail # full log --log_all # reatart apache if more than 5 httpd proc, dont check sshd, load custom config -apache__max_proc=5 -sshd__enable=0 --config=/path/to/my/config #check only 2 services with log check=named check=mysql --log_all # stop all EXCEPT sshd stop INSTALL recommended libs: LWP, URI freebsd: cd /usr/ports/www/p5-libwww && make install clean or perl -MCPAN -e "install LWP, URI" cp /usr/local/bin/watchmen ; cp watchmen.conf.dist /usr/local/etc/watchmen.conf edit /usr/local/etc/watchmen.conf run watchmen twice. second run must be quiet (all ok) if not - edit config add to crontab: echo "* * * * * root /usr/local/bin/watchmen" >> /etc/crontab CONFIGURE by default some of default services enabled read [and edit] watchmen.conf you can configure services from /etc/rc.conf[.local] file[s]: for config string $svc{service}{key} = 'value'; write to rc.conf: service_key="value" example: apache22_http="81" # or define new service, with one of correct keys: process tcp udp http https : nginx_enable="YES" nginx_process="nginx" nginx_http="8001" nginx_http_check=".