NAME Apache2::ASP - Perl extension for ASP on mod_perl2. SYNOPSIS In your ASP script <%= "Hello, World!" %>
<% for( 1...10 ) { $Response->Write( "Hello from ASP ($_)
" ); } %> INSTALLATION For installation instructions, please refer to Apache2::ASP::Manual::Intro. INTRODUCTION For an introduction to Apache2::ASP, please see Apache2::ASP::Manual::Intro. DESCRIPTION Apache2::ASP is a mod_perl2-specific subclass of Apache2::ASP::Base. METHODS handler( $r ) Used by mod_perl - you can safely ignore this one for now. If you are really interested in what goes on in there, please read the source. BUGS It's possible that some bugs have found their way into this release. Use RT to submit bug reports. HOMEPAGE Please visit the Apache2::ASP homepage at to see examples of Apache2::ASP in action. AUTHOR John Drago COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE Copyright 2007 John Drago, All rights reserved. This software is free software. It may be used and distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.