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# NAME Operator::dB - Operator to support decibel (dB) arithmetic. # SYNOPSIS use Operator::dB; put 100 + 3dB; # 199.52623149688796 put 100 - 3dB; # 50.11872336272723 put 10dB + 20dB; # 20.413927dB # DESCRIPTION The interface tries to be intuitive while avoiding ambiguity. For example, the following makes sense (adding 3dB is approximately equivalent to doubling). 10 + 3dB # 19.952623149688794 But the following doesn't make sense. It could represent either `13dB`, or `10.8dB` (i.e. `3dB + 10dB`). 3dB + 10 # DOESN'T WORK! All supported operations are discussed in the following subsections. ## Addition and subtraction on numbers Adding or subtracting decibel values to and from numbers (of `Numeric` type) scales the number by the corresponding decibel gain: put 100 + 3dB; # 199.52623149688796 put 100 - 3dB; # 50.11872336272723 ## Addition and subtraction on decibels Decibels can be added to, or subtracted from, each other. This type of operation returns an `Operator::dB::Decibel` wrapper object: my $foo = 3dB + 2dB - 1dB; # Operator::dB::Decibel.new(x => 10, y => 0.365...) You can get the decibel value itself with `.dB`: $foo.dB; # 3.6571819272302735 Or by stringification: "The gain is: $foo"; # The gain is: 3.657182dB Or by defining your own format with `.fmt`: $foo.fmt("%.1f dB(A)"); # 3.7 dB(A) # CAVEATS This package exports overloads to built-in operators, which is potentially reckless. But the operator signatures all contain at least one `Operator::dB::Decibel` object (which is not built-in), so it _should_ be fine! The `Num` method is not implemented on the wrapper class, so many built-in numerical operations don't work, e.g. `1dB * 1`. This is a necessary limitation because decibel arithmetic is only semantically valid for addition and subtraction AFAIK. # COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE Copyright (c) 2019, Owen Allsopp This package is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the Artistic License 2.0 (see the LICENSE file for details). # SEE ALSO - [Operators in Perl 6](https://docs.perl6.org/language/operators) - [Creating operators in Perl 6](https://docs.perl6.org/language/optut)