Catalyst::View::TT::XHTML - A sub-class of the standard TT view which serves application/xhtml+xml content if the browser accepts it.


    package MyApp::View::XHTML;
    use strict;
    use warnings;
    use base qw/Catalyst::View::TT::XHTML MyApp::View::TT/;

This is a very simple sub-class of the Catalyst::View::TT manpage, which sets the response Content-Type to be application/xhtml+xml if the user's browser sends an Accept header indicating that it is willing to process that MIME type.

Changing the Content-Type causes browsers to interpret the page as strict XHTML, meaning that the markup must be well formed.

This is useful when you're developing your application, as you know that all pages you view are rendered strictly, so any markup errors will show up at once.



Overrides the standard process method, delegating to the Catalyst::View::TT manpage to render the template, and then changing the response Content-Type if appropriate (from the requests Accept header).


There should be a more elegant way to inherit the config of your normal TT view.

Configuration (as loaded by the Catalyst::Plugin::ConfigLoader manpage) for the TT view is not used.

No helper to generate the view file needed (just copy the code in the SYNOPSIS).


Tomas Doran <>


This module itself is copyright (c) 2008 Tomas Doran and is licensed under the same terms as Perl itself.